Master Set (Moscow) – participant of RopeFest 19!

setI began to study bondage by myself in mid-2000s. I have concentrated on what only I did for a long time, but several years ago I was impressed with the possibilities of dynamic suspensions created by real masters, and I have decided to come out into the world. Since then I constantly discover new techniques, enhance my abilities and correct my mistakes. This road has no end, but with each year of practice I treasure the art of rope more and more, and I strive to share my knowledge and skills with those who are interested.
I love performing for the viewers no less than I love the intimate part of bondage, and I only love my models more than the attention of the audience. Only together we can tell a captivating story to the viewers and show them inner emotions and rich sensations pulled out by a rope. It is possible to prepare a performance for weeks, make costumes and make up. It is possible to lead a girl to the stage when you’ve met her only today and create a total improvisation. The force of the show is determined not by this, but rather by whether you are able to draw such a spark that will be able to light up both of you. When you succeed in reaching that link, it will take you both far away. And if in this moment there are viewers present, this wave of emotions will take them with you.