Photo “Drying”

Photo “Drying” is an internationally famous project created for photo exchange. There will be our own Drying space at the RopeFest festival with ropes and pins. Bring photos depicting shibari that were created with your personal participation (as a photographer, model or a master), leave them in the space specifically created for this project from May 10th till May12th, and on May 12th after 7 pm take the photos of other participants that you like in exchange.

Anyone can participate, if theу follow basic rules:

1.You can “dry” photos ( attach them to ropes) throughout all three days of the festival, but you can take the festival only in the evening of May 12th starting from 7 pm.
2. Participants of the “Drying” take a number of photos in accordance with how many they have presented, and they do it first. Other guests of the festival can take the photos that will be left.
3. Printed photos can be of any size.