Ren Yagami

“My SHIBARI style is called SEKIBAKU. I use SHIBARI when doing SEX.

SEKIBAKU consists of two majo. Taijutsu and NAWASUZI.

Tai jutsu is the use of the body, that is, the body control technique, which is an application of the old mattial arts technique lof Japan. This technique is an indispensable element in my style, as SHIBARI s technique originated from the martial arts of Japan’ s old age. ements.

And another, NAWASUZI, is the use of the rope to tie, my rope technique is a blend of gentle basics. Don’t look at it simply because it’s basic, the basic is everything.

And it is SEKIBAKU that multiplied these two elements.

My style is for higher qualitý pleasures, for upgraded Orgasms, and for the best SEX released mind and body.”