RopEmotion- participant of RopeFest 19! 🔥🔥🔥

“is a bondage artist based in Germany; NorthRhine-Westfalia; Muensterland, there he has a small studio for giving workshops but he’salso often on tour in Germany and international for different bondage shows, workshops and shootings.
The style to tie up he uses reflects his own fascination,which is made up of visual form, psychology, eroticism and most important human communication and emotions.
For him, bondage is a language that came along without words and consists of emotions,feelings, communication and movement – Two people, going together on a journey, exploring and entering new, maybe unexpected, levels.

His work has already been shown in various media for example:“Schlagzeilen”, “Tattoo Erotica”and the short film “Don’t worry, don’t discuss.”“ (

RopeEmotion studies Shibari since 2010, during the last eight years; he visited various national and international riggers, at various workshops,mini-workshops at conventions, as well as PrivateTuitions. The riggers he visited where among others, OsadaSteve, DocVale, RopeKnight, Wildties, Gorgone, Mosafir, Gestalta, Vinciens, Andrea Ropes, NicolasYoroi and La Quarta Corda.

All these different styles and influences have shaped him very much and he uses this to create his own unique Kinbaku.”