Salamandr (Moscow) – participant of RopeFest 19! 🔥🔥🔥

Kinbaku for me is not just a link between two people, it is for what the couple is made, for what the couple lives, and that is the strongest rope… Its threads are social life, care, families, understanding of life, personal philosophy of a person, it is everything from what a couple and each individual person are made of.

When we take ropes in our hand, we take that link in our hands, we tie not with ropes, but with our thoughts, we represent a wild flow of thoughts and emotions, and by highlighting certain feelings of our own we put them into the partner. If the partner accepts them, the rope becomes heavy, если it pulls the couple together, making two people closer and more honest. This is how I see it.

“Love, if it’s only for an hour.
It might never happen again.
Each person is a little chance,
And noone will judge you for it.”