Goldie Sunshine & Daniel Rope (Tel-Aviv,Israil) -participants of RopeFest 19! 🔥🔥🔥

“Shibari and more contemporary Western style. I’m also one of the managers of Peer Rope TLV with Doron Minur and Alon Hadar.

Despite my dominant side I am also a rope bunny.
As a rope bunny I have been described as one of the best with ability to get out of even the more challenging ground ties. I really love to be tied, love to do suspensions and almost everything else that has to do with ropes. However, I DO NOT play as a bunny with anyone. Keep this in mind – just because I love ropes doesn’t means I am a sub or slave. I will not submit sexually as part of our rope play.
Over time, I became a rope artist. I preformed at the Dungeon Club (Tel Aviv, Israel), KitKat club and Insomnia club (Berlin, Germany) and more. In addition, I participated in festivals such as Eurix in Berlin, RopeFest in Saint Petersburg, MoscowKnot and Shi Fest.”