There are three types of tickets at the festival:
daytime (all day including evening), subscription (all three days, including evening), evening (entrance from 18.30). Pre-sale tickets are much cheaper than paying at the entrance. At the start – three times.

Until January 31: 800 RUR one day + evening (from 11.00), 2000 RUR (three days), 500 RUR evening (from 18.30)
Until March 31: 1100 RUR one day + evening (from 11.00), 2500 RUR (three days), 700 RUR evening (from 18.30)
Until May 08: 1500 RUR one day + evening (from 11.00), 3500 RUR (three days), 900 RUR evening (from 18.30)

IMPORTANT! Each type of tickets in pre-sale will be sold no more than 20 pieces in each round of sales.

On the day of the event, an entrance ticket can be bought ONLY at the entrance at the price per day + evening 2500 RUR (from 11.00) or only in the evening – 1500 RUR (from 18.30).